Free At Last - By MC Whizzkid.


I remember as a young kid growing up,

You were my friend when things were getting tough.

Why did the Lord take you away?

I ask that question each and every single time I pray.

So I, close my eyes and picture you near,

Reminiscing on times when skies were clear.

And in my memory I can hear you laugh,

And in my dreams I relive the past.

I feel free at last.


( Song available via itunes & all good digital retailers. )

Confess - By MC Whizzkid

I must confess,

The rush manifests,

So I dance that little bit harder,

With my head in a mess,

With no stress, I feel like im blessed,

Man posessed, all night long with no rest,

I big up on my chest, put my stamina to the test.

Wont take nothing less,

Until I reach my conquest, then

Ahhh yes,  this rush is the best,

Shout to the ravers, BIG UP YOUR CHEST!

The King By MC Whizzkid.


Darkness on the streets,

I see it falling,

You can run as fast as you can,

Destinys calling.

The stars are ya warning,

It aint safe until morning.

And yo, that aint the sun thats just reality dawning.

I live in the heart of a concrete metropolis,

Tryna stay on top o' this,

The world looses consciousness.

This Lion's always ready for the rumble, 

The other cats tumble,

I am the  King Of The Jungle.

Stormski Ft. MC Whizzkid & MC B - Change. ( Lyrics. )


Yeah, We need to make that change, c'mon c'mon,

We need to make that change, c'mon c'mon,

We need to make that change, c'mon.


( Verse Two By MC Whizzkid. )


I take a look in the mirror,  i don't see my reflection,

I see a man looking back, with a pale complexion,

Struggling for perfection, all i need is protection,

Hoping for a connection, Maybe a little affection,

A natural selection, how i always see the worst,

Its like my only projection is a vision of hurt.

Its a shame when you can't look yourself in the eye,

You got ya tears welling up, all you can do is cry,

So, take a deep breath, hold for a second, exhale.

Let the air, take a hold of the decisions, to the next level,

Coz a devil, likes to revel in the pain,

So make sure you change to ya life on the treble.

Rolling stone like a pebble, for the stress deserve a medal,

Put a pedal to the metal,

Future's fast, it got me shook..

Like Michael Jackson said 'at yourself take a look'

It's time to be proud of the change you took!


( Chorus - By Michael Jackson )


( Outro By Michael Jackson, MC Whizzkid & MC B )

What I Am - MC Whizzkid.


What I am, is what I am,

And i'm tired of these mother f*ckers telling me what i can,

Or cant do, it isn't up to you!

I've been breaking the rules,

Since i was way back going to school,

So except me fool,

Or not at all.

Boy, I don't give a sh*t about the names you call,

Because I rise above it, like your words are nothing,

Wrap that sh*t in a rizla and I start to chuff it,

Because its something so small,

That gets you buzzing,

But i can take cracks like that and stack 'em by the dozen,

Because they're distant and lost like a second cousin,

You think your cussing bothers me?

Well, it really doesn't.

So mind your business & stay outta mine,

Coz' mine ain't finished, til the day that I die,

So your words are diminished,

In the strength of a rhyme,

You tried to topple me...

But i'm still doing fine.



In a digital mind,

Let's see what we'll find,

If the clock is ticking?

We're outta time.

This designs, about to go online,

Hack into ya riddim with a bassline,

Plug in memory banks,

Like a PC.

Double click on the icon Whizzkid MC.

Run a mic & a crowd and I'll connect,

Select lyrical data, live & direct. 

Now it's downloading, words decoding,

Program complete.. Dancefloors exploding.

High Tech style subliminal.

Covert mission like a criminal,

Til' I crack the code & unlock your mind,

And I won't stop rocking til' a beats defined,

Coz I bet you'll find that we're inclined,

To dance in time, to the bassline.

Now, feel the rush that I stream to you.

Save it, then you're screaming too,

Because this is what I dreamed to do,

Since my first rave back in '92.

Hard Drive Hardcore, just open the file,

We're live & Raw, coz that's our style,

I'm selecting Go, from the Start menu,

Bust my rhymes & rock the venue. 

Pop Up Warning! You're about to Peak!

Can't stop dancing to the Hardcore beat!

Firewalls Corrupt, & the buzz Encoded,

Hands in the air, this Programs loaded!

Shut down, breakdown on its way,

Hit play, with noise for my DJ,

All I is this "Let the track run"

Three, Two, One... This lyrics done. 

Jump Up By MC Whizzkid

Let me see how high you can move

And just jump up

Coz In here theres nothin to lose so just 

Jump up

Until ya floating on air

That's right jump up

 Touch the sky if you dare. 


Jump up

Let's put a hole in the floor

And then jump up

We got ya begging for more

Let's see ya jump up

Hit like the kick & the snare

Jump up

Touch the sky if you dare.

( Available At Beatport, iTunes & all good digital retailers. )

More Coming Soon...

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